RACING_NUTS_RADIOOn this weeks Racing Nuts Show July 19th 2014, Steve, Cherri and Big Al cover the world of motor sports discussing all the latest weekly news, headlines and rumors both across the world and locally in South Florida.

This week The Racing Nuts Show welcomed special guest The New Director of Media Relations at Homestead Miami Speedway Neil Gulkis as he discussed his new role at Homestead Miami Speedway looking down the road to Ford Championship Weekend.

This weeks Racing Nuts Show also featured Sean Kelly from D & A Surface Concepts from Lake Park, Fl. D & A Surface Concepts do Auto and Marine Detailing Bubba Style.

Also, special guest Aidy Alonzo from Palm Beach International Raceway announced new races to take place at P.B.I.R. in the up coming weeks.

The Racing Nuts Show is partnered with Bubba and Tom’s Custom Cars in Fairfax, Va. and Jupiter, Fl. Bubba and Tom are the host’s of the TEELY award winning TV show Hot Rod Reality. Weekly Bubba and Tom take questions from across the nation and pick three to four questions and answer them for the public on The Racing Nuts Show.

Bubba and Tom answered these questions this week on the show from these three lucky fans from across the nation that were picked.

This weeks Bubba and Tom segment is sponsored by Southeast Rods & Customs.

Southeast Rods & Customs Are Car Show Events Done Bubba Style!
Our first question comes to us from Richard King In Macon Georgia and he wants to know how to prevent all the tire shine sling from getting on his car after he cleans it.
The second question comes to us Allen Odum in Smartville New York and Allen says he washed his car after the snows had melted in New York and used a micro fiber cleaning mitt but noticed after his car had dried there were all kinds of scratches in it that were never there before.
Allen cant figure out what happened and wants to know what caused the scratches.

Our third and final question this week comes from Jon Wolfy from Levittown Pennsylvania. Jon says his car over heated spewing coolant all over his billet engine. He tried to wash it off but it’s like the billet is stained.

Is there a way to get the water spots off the billet?

The Racing Nuts Radio show will be broadcasting live next weekend,July 26th 2014 from 10 to 11 am Eastern Standard Time from Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs state of the art south Florida facility located at 506 Commerce Way in the First annual DNA Surface Concepts Rockin’ Rides & Reflections where Dream Car Design Meets High Tech Shine. The event will run from 9:30 am to 2pm.

Come out and meet the great hosts of The Racing Nuts Radio show and Bubba and Tom the hosts of Hot Rod Reality TV who join us here every week on the Racing Nuts Radio show.


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The is a family friendly event.
Entry is free and there will be food raffles and prizes along with a goodie bag to all those who attend.
Feel free to drive your favorite ride and show it off as well.
We look forward to seeing all of you at Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs next week!


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